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Today, Capitol Foundry of Virginia, Inc is one of the largest suppliers of municipal construction castings in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We keep an extensive inventory of various municipal and government standard castings used throughout the Mid-Atlantic. These items include cast iron manhole frames and covers, drainage catch basin frames and grates, valve boxes, meter boxes, service boxes, electrical junction frames and covers paving adapter rings and more. Our castings meet or exceed current specifications for grey iron. Ranging from providing world-class customer service to making sure our products continue to meet current highest quality standards and specifications, Capitol Foundry is dedicated to continue to strive for excellence.

Company founder, L.S. (Jim) Corr Sr., stands out side of his small sales office and warehouse in Virginia Beach, VA in the early 1980's. He would soon move to the company to the 5 acre site where Capitol Foundry of Virginia remains today.

The cupola last used by L.S. (Jim) Corr and Capitol Foundry, Inc. now stands on display at the Historic Tredegar Iron Works site in Richmond, VA.  The foundry was open from 1963-1966.


Capitol Foundry, Inc. was founded by L. S. Corr in 1963. Better known to his friends & colleagues as Jim, he entered the foundry industry at the age of 17. He held various positions in the foundry, learning every aspect of not only the production side, but also the business side of the industry. Not satisfied with simply working for someone else, Jim decided to use his knowledge and talents to go into business for himself. He purchased an old foundry located in Richmond, Virginia in 1964 and started producing municipal castings. Although he was successful in producing the castings his company was selling, Jim quickly realized that he could purchase the castings he was marketing for less than his production costs. So in 1970, Jim made the decision to concentrate on the distribution aspect of the business under the name Capitol Foundry of VA., Inc.


Jim soon relocated the business and his family to Virginia Beach. He started running the business out of his home. He simply ordered the merchandise from the foundries he was dealing with at the time and shipped the castings direct from the manufacturers to his customers. Over the years the business became more established, the customer base expanded and the volume of sales increased. With the help of his dedicated family and employees, through hard work, a dedication to strive for excellence, and a sheer determination to succeed, Jim watched Capitol Foundry grow from a small, home managed local business to a five acre office and warehouse complex selling across the Mid-Atlantic states by the time of his passing in 1999.